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does anyone have instructions for making life size victorian christmas carols complete with costumes? Thanks? Answered

I saw several lawns with fully costumed carolers on them this season and would love to make them for my front yard.  They were complete live size families, fully clothed.  I know where I can get the clothes, I just need instructions on how to make the under frame and head.


RMS posted a good link for making them DIY.  You can also check out local auctions of businesses that used to sell clothing but have gone bust, and you can always find mannequins on eBay.

There's also Palay Display which sells some. VERY. affordable. forms. (some are a bit more expensive).  Obviously it would be easier to buy than DIY it, and it might actually be cheaper depending on what you do and what's available to you.

Neat stuff, especially the hands. I'll have to keep that site in mind for next year.

You might also look at the 'ible which showed how to make a PVC framework for displaying costumes/clothing when not being worn. That might be too light for outdoor use unless anchored down, it doesn't include a realistic head or hands (but a bit of paper mache work could fix that), and it doesn't provide any bulk to the body or limbs (but treating the clothes as a scarecrow might solve that too).

Or you could fall back on the old painted cutouts approach. Which will probably survive better from year to year; fabric in winter weather isn't likely to be very happy. (Are you planning to go out and defrost your mannikins periodically, to keep them from icing over and no longer looking believable?)