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does anyone have some good idea's for a fresh new magic trick anyone? Answered

I am a big magician and need new idea's for magic tricks. some tricks I have already done are as following...
pull thread out the eye
card tricks
coin vanishes
Idea's wanted are for
rubber bands
and other everyday objects
all answers are apriciated


Win Guy

7 years ago

I have a good one...
The Effect: The magician is walking down the street when he suddenly pulls a dead fly off of a car windshield. After holding the fly for a while, it suddenly comes to life and flies away!
The Secret: First, you have to catch a fly - only swat it if you have to. You want the fly to be in as good a condition as possible. You can try putting some rotting fruit in a jar, and waiting. Eventually you'll be able to clap the lid on the jar while a fly is investigating the fruit. Once you have your fly, put it in a container in the freezer for four hours. This will put the fly into a temporary coma. Be sure to remove the fly soon after four hours and perform the trick while the fly is still sleeping.
The Performance: Gently place the fly somewhere where it will be safe and invisible to the casual observer. Then, take a walk with a friend or two. Make sure that their attention is directed to you, then pretend to pull the fly from a windshield by secretly holding the fly and taking it over to the windshield, then "grabbing" it and "peeling" it off. After holding the fly for a while, the heat from your body will "defrost" the fly, waking it up and, soon afterward, it flies away!
What do you think? It's a nice casual street magic trick that never fails to please!
Happy Trickery,
Win Guy


8 years ago

I have an idea but it's more of a stage illusion. Are you still interested?


8 years ago

I presume that you're aware not only of the stuff on the web (including here on Instructables), and the many books (some at pro level, some perhaps available in your local library system), but the magicians' specialty stores (Flosso is out of business, alas, but some of the other old-timers remain).


Answer 8 years ago

Yes I understand that but I need something someone has not come up with yet
that is what I mean. like making up your own trick.