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does anyone here dance on this sight Answered

soooooooooooooooooooooooooo i was wondering if anyone else on this sight dances. anykind of dance. i feel all alone. so if u dance post a comment here saying so. and in the picture im doing a freeze. im sooooooooooooooooooooo good at it, trust me. and i can hold for about 5 minutes. i might sound braggy, but it's true!!!!!!!!


i breakdance and just recently made a group JOIN IT PLZ ( i just learned windmills =D)

When you say "for life" do you mean you will be 80 years old and still breaking hips?

Sure, but at my age, I do more slow dancing then any of the more epileptic type dancing. :-)

Lol, I feel the urge, but it's not spontaneous.

I love dancing! I am not too good at it though! :D

I only dance hip hop and also I dance crazily(with my bro)

yah,but hip hop is my only serious dancing

I was just asking because if you had a
sister then she might be on here.BTW
my relative,dombeef is on this site

yah,he is really cool and he found out instructables first, and then I joined after him

Rocko's modern life, rocko's modern life... Awesome show!

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm why does this have really wierd symbols instead of quotation marks?

It's a parsing error- when you cut and paste text from Word it turns curly quotes and apostrophes into weird characters, because there are some cross-platform recognition problems. We're working on it.

yah,that happened with my old computer

some symbols outside of normal text seem to do this too: ® & /


i know right. like what the hell?

i scrapped the story when i realized i didn't have any motivation to write a story.

I almost never have any motivation to write anything longer than this comment.

i think i'll delete the lame story from the site.


10 years ago

It took me a while that Sight = Site and thought that he would post a picture of something that I would immediately start dancing to.



finally another one like me! are u good? what moves do u know. u should post a video for me to see, heck i'll do that, show everybody that i really can dance.

forget this I'm just gonna not keep chating with you. no ofessen

fine be like that.

This is where I find confusing how people disagree with my filtering out kids idea.

and dude it's called sarcazim. look it up in a dictionary, as u obviously need to