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does anyone know a better way to pick locks than bent paperclips? Answered

they work!!!!!!!(paperclips,sometimes)


Yes, they include "locksmiths". These are the people you call when you find yourself locked-out of your house...
But they don't earn a living by telling people how to DIY


In my experience people call the fire brigade because it's free. " I think I left something cooking on the stove". They usually only do it once after the door gets broken.

Well yes. You'd probably get the same from a gang of workmen.



7 years ago

The best thing you can learn about picking locks is to stop now.


is that a personal pic or did you get it off the internet?

I know from personal experience, THIS is your best answer. If you are looking on the internet for answers, I'm willing to bet you have friends that know what you are doing. You are all ready caught and just don't know it!

dude im just asking because we lost the key to the family video cabinet

A paperclip with a small bend, tension wrench, and patience WILL WORK. Also you can pry the door open past the lock from the front OR you can cut a hole in the back of the cabinet to get to the lock to take it apart.

Sonic screwdriver.

yeah but i cant really get ahold of the doctor, can i.

Yes, many people know better ways to pick locks than bent paperclips.

Use real lock picks. A bump key. A power pick. Shotgun. Locksmith school.