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does anyone know anything about dumont record players? Answered

i have a dumont record player all it says is high fidelity on it.  not really familiar with record players at all and can not seem to find a schematic for one online.  i hooked it up to a speaker and every time i turn the volume up past three or so it buzzes horribly.



Best Answer 6 years ago

The Dumont player is most probably a tube type amplifier.  It's probably 50 or more years old.  That means that the electrolitic capacitors are probably dry or drying out.  That's what causes the buzzing.  Dry capacitors will damage your equipment.  They need to be replaced.  If you keep playing it without changing the parts you may ruin the amp.

This website has a forum just for phonographs.  Lots of the members there were repairmen when working and know everything about this stuff.  Join that site (free) and ask you questions to get all the help you need.

Schematics may be difficult to find. Are you sure its not the speaker that's causing the problem versus the player? I haven't opened up a record player recently, but they are fairly simple in design.

yes i am sure its not the player i took it apart and hooked up a new speaker and still get the buzzing