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does anyone know anything about tv av chords and where to put them? Answered

red yellow and white dvd chords where do u put them in the back of the dvd which slot???


These are RCA composite video (yellow) and audio (red = right, white = left) and you should connect to similar on the DVD. Have a look for 'composite video' in the manual.
If your DVD only has SCART sockets, you can get an RCA to SCART adaptor to do the job.
If the TV has scart sockets, using a SCART cable would be a better way of doing this. Even better would be component video, which also uses RCA connectors, but a different colour scheme.

hey thanks for that. that was really helpfull!!! so again thanks alot:)

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there hows that???? by me doing that what does that do????

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