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does anyone know how I can hack a coby dp562 digital frame? Answered

Odd question, I know, but ill explain.   I have made a PIPBOY 3000 prop for holloween and am using the coby DP562 as the screen, it should just fit and allow photos, videos, and music.  if you dont know what a pipboy is, it is a gauntlet computer from the game Fallout 3.
i just wanted to know if the was a way to hack it and change the menus.  I dont want to change the functionality, just the appearence.  so that the menus look like the pipboy menus.  I was going to add the radio songs to the music folder and the pipboy screen jpegs to the pictures folder, with a looping video for the radio screen into the videos folder.  which will all work great, but it would be nice to have the in between menus look the same.  heres a couple of reference photos.


No you won't be able to hack the menu system of the frame.

your positive. theirs no way to hack the software coding. i mean i dont know how, and probably dont have the equipment to do it. but i know when you plug it directly to the computer, you can open it up like a flash drive and it has program folders. thats how you do update. i thought their would be a way to extract and modify one of the necessary files.

Problem is finding the correct file then trying to reverse engineer it so you know how it works and how best to go about changing it. Then you can sit down and start writing your own code to emulate the basic functions but give you the look and feel you want.

To put it simply you won't be able to do it in a reasonable time frame. So be happy with using still images on the screen. If you just take a video of the system going through the menus you can play that back and have it look like the thing is an active console. Just focus on ways you can use what you got to get more life out of it.

agreed, and i dont know how to do that anyway. it was a nice thought. but i have another. so i created a GIF of the radio screen. looks good i think. i ahave alittle more to do to it, but heres the issue. i dont think the dp562 can view gifs. so is their a way to convert it to mpeg, avi, mpeg 4, whatever. simply would be nice. im uploading the gif as well.

pipboy 3000 radio screen animation.gif

I'm not sure you have enough time before Halloween to try to hack it. If it were me, I'd consider taping the remote to my other palm and secretly clicking next and prev to simulate a touch response. Cheese, but with the right screen shots and some practice, it might be worth it.

Good luck and follow up with pictures. I love fallout and am fascinated to see what you come up with. Fwiw, I've also thought about doing a pip boy with a slot for an iPhone, and some custom software to go through menus.

making it was fun but hard, i used pepakura for the gauntlet. and fiberglass and smooth-on 321 resin. thats where im at now. sanding and prepping, so i can mold and cast it in sold plastic. so I have a little while before i put the electronics in. Im working on some GIF's and videos now so that it will look like its running. i just wanted to change the start up screen appearances. ITs not to big of a deal if i cant, but it was a nice thought. Im also working on the desert ranger helmet simultaneously so i have been quite busy.