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does anyone know how i can stop biting my nails? Answered

i have tried the gross nail polish, i have tried not thinking about it, and i have even tried to put sticky tape on them! i even do it in my sleep, or i would sit on the couch and watch tv and do it without noticing. PLZ HELP ME, IM DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know that this may sound stupid, but over a long school break, such as Easter or Christmas, try putting on fake nails.  Get the plain kind and cut them to the length of normal fingernails.  File them off and make them perfectly smooth.  For me, just the look of normal fingernails made me leave them alone.  My real nails grew in in a week and a half.  Tip:   if one falls off, put it back on that instant.


at walmart or any nail shop will have a special clear coat nail polish that you put on.every time you try two bite your nails you will taste a bitter taste and soon come out of the habbit

Yes, but when you take the fake nails off, your nails end up thin weak and unhealthy. I looking for thick healthy hard nice nails.

Best cure.  Every morning rub dog poo on your fingers and you will only bite them a few times before you are free of the habit.

In the long run, you really need to address the root cause of your nail-biting. It may be a medical condition, but is much more likely to be stress. Get eight hours of good sleep at the same time each night, and you will go a long way toward relieving this.

In the short term, I think Ripstikfan has the right idea for night and Orksecurity has the right idea for day. So what else can you fidget with? A nice thick rubber band might work, or a couple polished stones. But you can fidget in style, with magnets!

Try making a bracelet from 64 of these little cylinders. If you select flat-rate shipping, that's a total cost of $17.16

A few notes:
* DealExtreme has cheaper sphere magnets, but they will quickly rust away when the coating wears off.
* The best deals are from magnet4less.com, but only if you spend more than about $25
* Don't worry, the bracelet can't magnetize anything while in a closed loop. )

Why not? If people use them for magical cures, why not as stress-relievers? :)

Because neodymium ones are super strong and shouldn't be used around electronics, specifically anything with a hard drive in it.

 Jayefuu- Note my statement "don't worry".  Also consider that magnetic field strength drops off extremely fast (with the third or fourth power of the distance, depending on the geometry). Finally, hard drives are strongly shielded.

Sorry for the off-topic, Leo.

Should I add that to the list or assume there isn't anything that magnets can't do?


Wear cloth gloves at night.

Put something really bitter on your finger tips during the day.

Find out what is causing the stress that makes you do this.

I used to chew my nails, I grew out of it. Mum tried loads of different polishes and methods, and in the end I just stopped. Probably because I got fed up of having sore, bleeding fingers :D

you sould clip them really short untill you bleed

If he bites them as badly as I did, they're already short enough to bleed.


8 years ago

This worked for me many years ago:
Get yourself one of those fingernail buffing/polishing kits. Sand and buff your stubs (fingernails) as slick and smooth as you can
possibly get them. Don't leave any ragged edges that you can catch with your teeth.
Then when you absent-mindedly stick your fingernail in your mouth,  the smoothness of the nail will make you aware of what you are doing.
I kept this up for nearly a year before I felt confident  that I had kicked the habit.
Mostly, you're gonna have to be committed to quitting and not give up.

during the day, play with a rubix cube ( you dont really have to solve it, just keep twisting it). during the night, have someone duct tape your hands together at the finger.

Find something else to fidget with? (Replace one displacement activity with another...)