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does anyone know how or anywhere on how to make a dimmer switch from raw parts? Answered

i have a dead dimmer, it has capacitors, inductor coil, and some chip in it, was wandering what i can make a new dimmer out of the old one, it could just be the potentiometer, but like, a step by step tutorial on how to make a dimmer switch



Best Answer 5 years ago

Here is an electronic dimmer that uses the neon lamp as a trigger
to fire the triac.
The neon gas lamp needs 85 Volts to light and then immediately drops to
maintaining 80 Volts while lit..
The 5 Volt difference is the energy pulse that capacitor C2 deliverers into the triac gate.
This works on both polarities in the AC Line because the neon lamp is able to light the same way in both directions.




Seriously! - Put Dimmer switch into a google image search.