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does anyone know how to aim my marksman slingshot? Answered


Hold the slingshot with your dominant hand (the one you normally write with) at the grip, so that the black strap of the frame rests on your forearm. Grab the pocket (where the projectile goes) that's attached to the rubber tubes, and bring both arms up to about eye level. Stretch out the dominant arm, and hold the pocket snuggly as the elastic stretches. The black strap should now be pressing harder on your forearm if you are holding the frame correctly. Bring back the pocket and look down the line that forms down the stretched tube to your hand that's holding the slingshot frame; and aim at your target. When you're ready, release the pocket to launch your projectile. It takes a little practice to perfect your aim, but if you work on hitting a paper target at different distances you'll get better with practice.

Let me know if you have any questions. ;-)


6 years ago

An old Iowa farmer s'got wood branch y's and can take a bug off a ripe corn stalk.
Seen in a recent newsreel or on 60 minutes.
He shot from the chest area....


I think this is the clip you mean

Thanks ever so much Rick...... and Iowa sounds like Carolina :)
I'm so amazed how did you search it ?.

I had also seen and am blessed - or cursed - with a good memory for where I have seen things.

I searched You tube for sling short - i is the top selection.

It's funny canucksgirl, I always hold the sling shot in my none dominant hand as I would a bow and draw the sling back with my stronger arm..

If anything, I think a person should hold a slingshot (or a bow) in a position that's most natural. I know plenty of right handers that hold a slingshot and bow with their right hand, so I don't think there's any hard-fast rules for that. I prefer the right only because its my dominate hand, and I can hold it steadier for longer periods of time. I guess I should have clarified to the OP that he should hold the slingshot in a manner that's most comfortable to him.

I have just done a quick search and it seems I am the odd one out here - Most people using bows hold the bow in their left hand!

I have been doing it wrong :-) Oh well.

Like I said, I don't think there is a rule on that per se. I recall seeing a poll on some site a while ago, and the respondents were completely mixed (some saying they even switched hands). So, the way I look at it, your way is the right way for you. ;-)

Very important, always bring the ammo pocket back to the same point on your cheek. Otherwise your shot will go a very different direction each time. Use the same shape and size ammo each time or you'll never get any accuracy.

You aim by eye - look down the centre of the triangle formed by the stretched elastic.