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does anyone know how to burn an Arduino Bootloader onto 10 ATMEGA328P-PU chips all at once ?!? Answered

hi folks!

im back with another mad plan, lol !

i want to be able to burn 10 Atmega328P-PU microcontrollers at once, ive tried to do it with the help of another Arduino Geek, he knows his stuff but i dont and i tried 'daisy chaining' the wires that go to load the bootloader from the Arduino as ISP bootloader instructions and just came out with errors saying something like:

Yikes! The device signature is invalid, check all connections etc etc...

and i was trying to burn two Atmega Chips using one RBBB set up to use the 'burn bootloader' function in the Arduino IDE and i could burn to only one chip but never the 2nd chip even though i duplicated the wires from the RBBB to both chips in separate ZIF sockets with their accompanying 16 mhz crystals and capacitors...

Really been knocking my head against this one for the last 3 months and my brains totally overheated now, lol !

im buying 100 MCU's at a time and just want a faster way of burning the Arduino UNO bootloader onto them as burning only 25 chips takes me 1 hour, so 100 chips takes a damn-good 4 hours which is extremely tedious and just takes too flamin long...

please please please could anyone help with a plan or a schematic to burn 10 atmega328P-PU MCU's in ZIF sockets all in one go ????

This way i'd be done burning within an hour or less i assume, its killing my time to keep having to do this one-by-one and ive scouredd the internet through google and still coming up empty for many MONTHS so far...

Is there any way anyone could possibly point me in the right direction towards my goal please please please ???!!!???

many thanks in advance for any and all suggestions but i must only be interested in the model number MCU of ATMEGA328P-PU and only the UNO bootloader, many thanks again in advance!


You'll have to consult the ISP manual for the AVR microcontroller. My guess is if you cascade the spi MOSI and MISO pins from one device to the next, and you make your own custom ISP software, you may get away with it.

There ARE custom burners for industrial quantities of chips.

thats absolutely great info, thanks so much steveastrouk !

please please please could you show me an example of what one of these industrial burners look like, say a webpage selling one or somewhere showing exactly what they are called ?

becuase everytime ive searched the internet (googling, lol) i always keep coming up with the same search results even though ive written the search criteria differently over and over and...over again lol !


Thanks a bunch, just what i needed !!!

only magic words open the right doors lol x 2 !!

once again thanks a million !

If the process requires data transfer back from the chip to the loader, this is where it fails; 10 chips trying to send the same bits to one address.

You would probably have to build a "hub" or other custom interface to achieve this.


the pic on the top is when i put a chip in the original ZIF socket and hit 'Burn Bootloader'..

the pic on the bottom shows only those 3 lines of error message when the original ZIF socket is empty and the add-on daisy-chained 2nd ZIF Socket is populated !

Any ideas thoughts or suggestions are most appreciated !

oh and sorry bout the pictures either being too big or small, still getting the hang of basic html in th source code of these messages!

Sweet ! Thanks !

Gives me some more understanding about the possible process used by the arduino IDE software!

still researching this heavily !

but i also used 2 ZIF sockets connected to the same 'Arduino as ISP' function to load the bootloaders onto two chips, left the 1st ZIF socket empty (this is the one where i have no problems burning the bootloader)...

and then the 2nd ZIF socket that i had 'Daisy-Chained' to the connections that went to program the original ZIF socket and thats where i had the problem!

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, and thanks again for the help!