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does anyone know how to install quickbasic with a broken floppy drive? Answered

the quickbasic installation exe needs the files on a floppy drive, and mine is broken. i attempted to use the subst command to set up a A: drive with the path to the files, but i can't set a path for A: since the floppy is hooked up(even though it is broken). any ideas?


. You can run QBASIC.EXE from an HDD without "installing" anything. I did it a few days ago to try out GORILLA.BAS on my WinXP system. I found an archive called olddos.exe (don't remember where) and extracted it to a folder. QBasic is in the archive.

i found a download of qbasic.exe and it doesn't need instalition. it's a little different then i expected, but it works. thanks!

i don't know, if it is on your computer, it probably got deleted off of mine some time ago. i am preforming a search for olddos.exe, but so far nothing. i will let you know what happens.

Go on another pc/mac/linux and transfer the floppy disk to a cdr disk.

Yes - NachoMahma does.

Does it really need to be on a floppy? What happens if you try to run it off C:? Is the thing "expecting" a floppy? A RAMdisk might be an option? L

the program has a "setup.exe" file that is just a batch file, that loads and compiles all the files off of the A: drive(the floppy drive). if you install it on the C: drive(like i have now) it can't find it. i need to know if anyone knows how to bypass that.

If the setup is a .bat you can edit it to pull files from a different location. But you seem to have a solution above.


ya, the only problem was that the .bat file was changed into a .exe file so people could not edit it. and ya, the solution he told me worked.

Oh good - are you able to play MSGorillas? L

i have yet to try that program out. i just needed it to test a program i made to the card game war.