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does anyone know how to make a brushless ESC? Answered


The brush less motor is in effect a high current stepper motor. To make it work each coil is switched in turn. This requires an electronic controller to switch at high speed.

Although it is possible to make on from components it would certainly be bigger than commercial units and may well be less reliable - even more costly for a one off.

Most commercial units employ a microprocessor to decode the transmitted signal and generate suitable pulses for the motor.

Better to buy as they are not all that expensive for what they do.

thanks for your reply :) , yeah that is not expensive, but i think on indonesia more cheap if i make it.

so, it sequence like this ?
[1] R+,Y-, B0
[2] R+, Y0, B-
[3] R0, Y+, B-
[4] R-, Y+, B0
[5] R-, Y0, B+
[6] R0, Y-, B+

is it has a delay from step 1 to step 2 ?

and what back EMF is ?


You have to switch the windings at the right time for the rotor, this is often arranged with optical feedback.

Back EMF is generated in the windings, by virtue of the magnetic field of the rotor inducing a voltage.


thanks for your reply :)
do you know how to switch the windings at the right time using back EMF?,
i want to make a Brushless ESC for a RC.


Buy a BLDC motor driver chip. I can't help you further than this.