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does anyone know how to make a mock cobra weave? Answered

hello i've been wanting to make a paracord belt i use paracord often and i am good at knots but i just cant seem to wrap my head around it since its suppose to unravel easily i've been searching online but i have not found anything useful any help is very much appreciated. im not looking for a regular cobra weave but the mock cobra looks like this http://www.etsy.com/listing/80438927/550-paracord-survival-belt-with-side?ref=pr_shop


You should find your answer in the related col on the right >>>>>>>>>>

looked around unfortunately nothing much there thank you though

That's not a "mock" cobra weave. It's a modified cobra weave. Look at it that way. Figure out what is added then figure out how it's done. I'd try it out myself but I'm just starting work for the day.

It appears to me that there is at least 5-6 staight strands inside the weave with an added loop on the outside that reaches back to the last one.  Much like the laced edging on a fancy western saddle.

thank you ive been trying to wrap my head around it still no luck might buy a bracelet to figure it out if i cant get it soon though