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does anyone know how to make a robotic arm with easy to get materials? Answered

I have always wanted to make a robotic arm but lacked experience ansd supplies to do so. If somebody could show me how to make one easily, with easy to ger materials, I would be very gratful.


yes all you have do is build with imagination.

Do you see cameronss picture just make it in aluminun not aluminun foil or wood


9 years ago

OWikit makes a great robotic arm kit, and it is availible in hobby shops, online at many stores and i believe through owikit. This kit is about a $100. There is even an option to connect it to your computer by adding a board to it (availible in an upgrade kit through owi or from the same place you bough the arm.)

If you don't need it to be electronic, the simplest method I've seen is to use pieces of wood and syringes. All you need is scrap wood and basic woodworking skills, and two syringes and a length of tubing for each joint. There are plenty of websites available through Google, including this PDF that has instructions for building one with a giant claw (pictured below)