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does anyone know how to make fire in minecraft CLASSIC ? Answered

P.S. I DID Google and I cant find it on the wiki.



7 years ago

Short answer: you can't.

Fire and lava where only made craft-able/handle-able in a later version, and minecraft classic is no longer being updated.


If you are plying on a multi-player server, or your own server, you can ask the admin (very politely) to spawn some lava (or water, or anything really, even air and trees) for you, using the "/z active_lava" for flowing lava, or "/lava" . just replace "lava" with "water" for water.


7 years ago

yeaaahh i have never played classic but this might help

in the normal crafting you want like one flint and one steel bar

one flint on the bottom left and one steel bar on the top right.....havent played classing so i dont know if it will work

it wont work you cant craft in classic

I don't think classic includes fire. If you want a fireplace or something like that you might need to use lava.

i found some ava but i cant take it . or are you talking about the yellow orange brick in the inventory ,thats gold