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does anyone know how to make simple mukluks? Answered

mukluks are expensive and I'm pretty crafty so I figured I might be able to make them myself and have the mukluks I've always wanted! 


Some rules to follow:
Never compromise the flexibility of the sole. This must follow the movement of the feet as much as possible. That's the number one problem of modern shoes. They cut off the ground to our brains. You need a tactile feel of the ground to really enjoy your walk. Remember walking in bare feet at the beach?

When you bind a vertical material (sides of the shoes) to a horizontal material (soles of the shoes) its going to impair the comforming ability of the shoes. Try to minimize this.

Read about barefoot running. Mukluks enable all the benefits of that to be extended into bitterly cold weather. They truly are extraordinary. Too bad out of shape shoe designers have forgotten all this.

One thing you might implement is to have the bottom join the top at the edge. We don't realize how tough our shoes are until we stub our toe on something in a shoe with no protection. You can fraction bones in your foot by making a mistake like that. Of course it probably will only happen once! But if the material is stitched together on the edge, this might give more protection without compromising anything in the design. Like this:

*Reads last paragraph, second sentence* No way! That's exactly what I was looking for! I run on my drive way 365/yr., and have been looking for a way to make shoes that have little sole, thermal protection, and allow for the feet to walk/run naturally.