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does anyone know how to take apart a mailmate shreddar to fix a stripped gear? e-mail me: Mystry2Lfe@AOL.com? Answered



7 years ago

Turn your Mailmate upside down and remove all of the rubber feet. You'll need a #2 Phillips 20 inches long best bought at a auto parts store for a few bucks. Under 2 of the feet there are holes to get at 2 screws. unscrew and remove them. Now the feet that have no holes you are going to have to drill holes to get at the screws holding the unit together. Reach your hand inside the upside down unit and line up your drill with the screw holes in the middle and side. Drill your holes so that you can push in the screw driver and hit the hole and unscrew the screw and remove it.
Do this towards the front of yoru unit as well. Any hole you cant get to drill a hole above it in-order to drop the screw driver down to unscrew the screws. When you're done simply drop the screws into the holes and tighten them down and viola!


8 years ago

IF it's got a stripped gear, where are you going to get a gear to replace it?

Most of this kind of stuff with this kind of injury is not worth the huge amount of trouble to find the replacement part to fix it.