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does anyone know how to wire A nine volt battery to a 4 double a socket? Answered



I dunno. Try positive-to-positive and negative-to-negative. Here I am assuming the object you refer to as "4 double a socket" is a battery holder intended to hold four AA batteries in series. The expected voltage across a stack of four AA batteries is about 4*1.5 = 6 volts, and that's not exactly the same as 9 volts. But those 9V batteries are kinda weak anyway, in terms of internal resistance and how much current they can really supply. So substituting a 9V battery in an thing that normally uses 4 AA batteries... the idea is not that crazy, erm... depending on what exactly the thing, the load, is.

Yes it is a battery holder for four double A's but I don't know what wires from the nine-volt go to with things in the holder

Inside your 4x-AA battery holder there are 8 terminals.  That's 2 for each battery.  Of these 8:  2 are the output terminals, and the other 6 are just connected to 3 little jumper wires that go from one battery to the next connecting them in series.

Figure out which of these terminals are the 2 output terminals.  Then for those 2, figure out which is positive and which is negative.  Then, as I suggested previously, connect the positive terminal of your 9V battery to the positive output terminal, and the negative terminal of the 9V battery to the negative terminal of the 4x-AA battery holder.

To help you with this task, I have attached a picture of what I expect the wiring of your 4x-AA battery holder looks like.  I have labeled the batteries {B1,B2,B3,B4}, the output terminals {S-, S+}, and the jumper wires {J1, J2, J3}

Larger picture here:


I don't how to make that picture I posted be more simple.

However, there are likely to be other pictures, ones that are specific to the battery holders found on Nerf(tm) guns, and I am guessing those pictures can be found in those instructables on that subject.

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in that "related" panel thingy.

almost Always place the flat side (-Negative-)against the spring :-)


6 years ago

The guy that did that , died un-published.

;) They look like 4 shocked smilies...

Ergo, the practice of using one hand while the other is kept in a pocket, avoids a shock through the heart.

Unless, when young, you accidently learn you can survive 220VAC across the chest twice :-o

You mean it is dangerous. Beside the fact that it is a nerf gun.

Please explain how a nerf gun requires a "4 double a socket" as iceng has illustrated for you. ;)

Not sure what you mean so the answer is NO. In general the square 9 volt battery is little use other than driving very low current electronics.