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does anyone know how to wire up a laptop battery? Answered

hi. i recently replaced the cells in my laptop battery for ones that worked in another laptop. i thought i remembered where each wire/solder contact was however, it does not work, will not power up/stay on when ac disconnected. when i check the battery life it is always around 55% and quite quickly goes up to 62% but never any higher. i think i have maybe soldered 1 of the 3 wires from the circuit board to the wrong point in the series of batterys can anyone please describe to me where these wires should go in the order of batterys? or better still, does anyone know where i can get the wiring schematics for the battery which is off a gateway mx3560 laptop?

many thanks, glenn.


It can vary from laptop to laptop. Are you even using the right batteries? Are they able to supply the same amount of power the old ones could?

hi and thanks for the reply.

yes they are the same cells which i replaced. i think there is obviously a wiring fault as the batterys read 62% charged but are not able to charge past that ( i think maybe 2 cells are not connected) but none of the charge is getting from the battery to the laptop as it will not run / turn on for even a second without ac.

thanks, glenn.

Glenn, did you ever get this to work?

I'm considering making a new battery for my laptop and just wanted to see how others have got on with this type of thing before I make a start?

If your laptop wont even power up without the AC connected, it sounds like you may have got the wiring wrong because the laptop is unable to gain power from the battery.

Not sure where you would get the schematics for it so maybe email (or better still, call) the laptop manufacturer directly to ask for it?

Best of luck (and let us know the out come),
Nath@switches and sockets


no i gave up on it! its my fault i should have made a note of how the cells were wired before taking them apart and just trying to remember it! im sure if u make a note/diagram first u shouldnt ave any problems.

cheers, glenn.