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does anyone know how to work with the rubber that looks like metal? and where I can get the rubber? Answered

examples can be seen here www.organicarmor.com/Home/About.htm I want to make my own costumes... those are nice... and expensive.



Best Answer 9 years ago

I'm not sure, but it looks like the artist may have used Sculpey clay. With their metallic line of polymer clays or special metallic paints, you could create a similar effect. I googled and found the following link for you: http://www.dawgestyle.com/sculpt.htm. The author also notes another material called Apoxie which I've never worked with.

  I think Melcat is on to it with Apoxie and Sculpey as your materials.  With your best bet for the metallic look being the paint.  There are paints from Rust-O-Leum and Valspar that can give you the beaten metal look that the pieces you referenced have.