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does anyone know if a two stroke engines can run on there side? Answered

as i am currently making a motor bike and have a 2 stroke engine to put on it.


You might be able to just because since you mix the oil with gas then you don't have to worry about it not getting oil and seizing. You would have to change position of carb probably and exhaust but it you don't care to much about the engine if it dies or doesn't work, try it. You can learn more from failures then from success.


8 years ago

It depends on the type of carburetor. float type or diaphram pump. float style need to be level. pump can go 360 deg, as long as you ensure your fuel pick up is "picking up" and the fuel isn't spilling because of a leakinh fuel cap fuel cap.

The Tecumseh 2-strokers have an 'H' for 'horizontal' in the mod. no. I believe that a vertical design won't go very well horizontally. Actually I'm buttressing lemonie andLarry, here. It'd be in the carburation. However, if it's injected....... Might I ask something? Are 2-strokers street-legal anymore. I'm an old guy and I thought they were for off-road and trail-biking only. Can you put a plate on one and drive it?

There is nothing intrinsically (afaik) about a two stroke that makes it unable to run on a particular side. That said, as above, the fuel feed, carb, oil supply, etc are often built to have gravity in a particular direction, so many if not a majority will only run in a particular orientation or a scope of it (i.e. no more then x degrees rotated). Super stable stuff like chainsaws, weed eaters, etc are way flexible, things like lawn mowers, go-cart engines, mopeds, etc are in general not. Easiest way to find out would probably be to test.

If the lube-system is in the mixture (no sump) the engine will run pretty much anyway you have it. However, the carb' may not like it depending how the float chamber & fuel feeds work. Do think of chainsaws - pretty flexible aren't they?
The clutch and gearbox will probably be the right way up?