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does anyone know the plastic-like stuff that you dip a wire shape into then it dries like a plastic film help please Answered

The stuff I'm thinking about , I've seen as a kids craft thing, abit like stained glass effect,like bubbles liquid but then it dries like a plastic film?? help please!!!?



9 years ago

I had some of this a while ago. The brand I bought was called Fantasy Film, but I bought it at a craft fair so I'm unsure where you can get it from. Google is your friend in this situation.

thanks for that, but what I want to do is make butterfly wings from it. I've tried pva butit 'pops'

Plasti Dip is a thick liquid that a tool handle can be dipped into, to give a slip-resistant coating. It's available on eBay and many other places including some hardware stores. If this isn't what you're looking for...then I'm not sure. Prfesser