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does anyone know where i can find a job writing bad jokes? Answered

I am not a funny person, which is bad, but i try really hard to be funny, which is worse. does anyone know how i can make this a profitable venture?


Actually, you seem like you might have potential. "I am not a funny person, which is bad, but I try really hard to be funny, which is worse." Self-abasement is the cornerstone of comedy. Find clever ways to chastise yourself and you may have a shot. Keep in mind that most people do not have a sense of humor at all. As a kid, I used to spout off really random things to mess with them. My humor tended to explore self-parody and sarcasm. I think I was doing it more to scan for intelligent life, but people thought I was serious; as a result, no one "got" me and thought I was really weird. Fifteen years later, movies like Napoleon Dynamite become a box office smash. Go figure. Perhaps you're not getting your jokes across because you're overanxious. Just be yourself. Relax. Don't expect a laugh, but appreciate it when someone does. If you try too hard (or get a laugh and go one step further out of greed) people can smell it on you, and at best you'll get silence. To see what I mean, just watch a Tom Arnold or Dane Cook stand-up routine. Study them so you know what not to do.

Be the gag writer for the comic "Pearls Before Swine" its darkhumor only a very strange person would like but it is funny! google it!

I'm sure that eventually Obama will make a czar of comedy and will hire people with no real experience and tax problems, so just don't pay your taxes and never get a comedy job and you have a shot.

Perhaps you could get job writing tax policy for the current administration. Most of that stuff would be funny if it wasn't true. Seriously though, just because people around you aren't rolling on the floor and holding their sides doesn't mean you aren't funny. There's a time and place and a right crowd for every type of humor. My suggestion: keep it clean humor. It will stretch your imagination and nearly nobody else is doing it.

You could get a job on Letterman, that guy is terrible.

Write Jokes for Penguin Biscuit Bars... Or Christmas Crackers

Wasn't the "Unknown comic" guy with a paper bag over his head known for bad and tasteless jokes as his shtick? Maybe you could combine it with a Rodney Dangerfield type act. Wander into a comedy club to get in on those amateur night tryouts and see what the pros say. Good luck.