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does anyone know where to get an inexpensive diverter valve, that directs to six or more outputs? Answered

I am working on some experiments with pneumatics, and i'd like to find an inexpensive way to swap one air source to at least six different outputs, with the hope of eventually automating it. i'm dirt poor, so i can't afford to use sprinkler valves for each output, so i was wondering if anyone knew where to find a diverter valve that would do it. Thanks in advance!



Best Answer 8 years ago

I found this .  It's manual though.  I don't know that you can get cheaper electrical valves that sprinkler valves unless you can find something surplus.  It would probably even be as cheap if you bought the parts and put together exactly what you need from parts from the local hardware store.

What pressure are you using?

that's actually kind of brilliant, i could attach a crank shaft with levers to turn the valves, and that would take care of the automation. thanks!