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does nail polish remover work for alcohol stoves cuz i dont have high enough alcohol atm to make it work? Answered


bad, bad idea. Besides, a $2 bottle of zippo fluid would be better and less likely to kill you. Go to your corner store.

91% alcohol is less than $1 at most stores. and zippo fluid would likely make the stove blow up! Just make sure you heat up the stove and make the alcohol start to boil, (turning the liquid to gas) so It'll light. A tealight candle placed under it works or put your stove on a metal lid like a pickle lid pure some of the alcohol just a very small amount in the lid light the alcohol in the lid and when it starts to boil it'll light the stove.

relly i did not know you can use a tea light candel to light your stove?does it work?

DONT use zippo lighter fluid because it is distilled KERASEN a petroleum product it also says that on the bottle of lighter fluid and you cant use ANY petrolem product(trust me ive tried it before and the stoveALMOST BLEW UP IN MY FACE) in alcohol stoves because alcohol only brun alcohol its also in the name ALCOHOL STOVE. DONT USE ZIPPO LIGHTER FLUID UNLESS YOU WANT TO KILL YOURSELF!

dont use nail polish remover, because it releases toxic gases including co2, which is bad for you and the envioronment.

No. Nail polish remover is acetone. Look it up, I wouldnt burn it. However, if you want something flammable, acetone+styrofoam+smallfire=Big FIRE!!!