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does salt water lose its conductivity over time? Answered

a water bottle of salt water would be conductive. if it were to set there for a year or so will it still be conductive. assuming you shake it around a bit to remix the settled salt



Best Answer 6 years ago

Once salt goes into solution it does not settle out. If anything does its because the solution has become supersaturated. This is what happens to lakes when they dry up. The salt remains in solution but as the water evaporates it becomes more concentrated. Once it hits a certain level it then will start forming salt crystals. The process continues until all that is left is the solid salt deposits. A sealed bottle that does not loose any water will remain exactly as it is providing it does not react with the container such as forming rust. The elements in it, Hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine, and sodium, are already billions of years old, a few more will not have any effect.


6 years ago

If it can't dry out, why should it ? The salt isn't a suspension, its a dilution.