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does someone want to make a tobacco shredder? Answered

Hi Guys, one of my new hobbies is going to be growing tobacco, I know how to grow and cure it but what I need is a decent method to shred it.

I can slice it with a knife but the strands turn out too big for hand rolling, there are commercial products around which can shred tobacco but the best around for the home grower which doesnt cost the earth only cuts to about 1.5mm now what I need is 0.5mm.

I was thinking of was to combine 2 ideas, this one which seems to be based on the old victorian tobacco shredders


with this one, which uses a nice method of keeping the tobacco compressed and moviing it slowly with out chopping your fingers off.


the above used a handle which turns a theaded spindle which pushs the block along by a fraction, you then use a knife to take a slice off the end.

now there is an automated one someone made in new zealand which looks awesome, this also uses a thread but they have put a ratchet spanner on the spindle so it automatically moves it along.

So does anyone fancy this as a project? it would have to be easy to make, made from materials which are easy to come by for normal people, it must be cheap and it must be able to produce a really fine cut at least 0.5mm good enough for hand rolling tobacco.


I have seen people use meat grinders & pasta makers. The main thing is for the tobacco to be NOT DRY as it will crumble and be pulverized.

Also, if it does get dry, go ahead and moisten with distilled water or distilled water with a bit of honey using a spray bottle. I like to use the leaves for rolling papers and the honey adds a bit of stickiness.

Have had it going now. Will have to get e sharper knife sistem worked out. My tobacco was too dry and crumbley, So i gave it a good wetting of rum. It came up nice. But there were too many wee peices and knife to blunt.
But the bigger peices of leaf cut nice. I wont make any real changes till i have decient leaf going through it.
The backey that come out was to wet, Can roll it no worries, But goes out all the time. Have spread it out on newspaper to dry out a bit. Ian.

I have some virginia gold, samsoun, adonis and burley that I have grown my self if you want some stuff to test it with

I have a bit at the moment. Seeds are in . Just waiting at the moment.Still got some backey in the shredder. Just need a bigger mota. Ian.

I used a peice of mild steel sharpened on a 30 degree angle for the knife.Not sharp enough.Ian.

Hi there.Have just joined and looked at this shredder. Its a cracker..
As a DIY Kiwi my eyeometer has measured it up and i am now part way through making one.Mine will not have a reduction box drive, but will use v belts i hope.Will see what hapens when i get to that stage of it. Will let you all know.Ian. Invercargill.

I hope your documenting it and are going to do an instructable ;-)

Havent done any documentation on it. But if you want to know anything about it let me know .Will try and get a video done to put up on this site though. Have made the press and the shredder only needs the ratchet compleated and its a goer.
Have had the knife working on it,Let it run for 20 min tonight to make sure it was going to be ok. Ian.

I thought about using a metal guillotine blade, e,g. one used for cutting metal