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dogs in the vegetable garden? How to keep them off? Answered


Light off a firecracker or pop a baloon the next time they are around. it might discourage them from coming back because they associate the loud, scary noise with going in your garden.

There are some gelatinized pellets you can buy that discourage animals (including dogs) from visiting areas of the yard you want them to avoid. I believe they work on a smell that is offensive to those who can smell it (dogs have a keen sense of smell far more powerful than ours).

Can't recall what they're called, but I'd suggest you check at a nursery/garden supply center (not home depot, a real one)

The ones I have encountered smelled a bit like hand cleaner or something similar. Not too nasty, but unpleasant for animals.

Have you ever smelled cat treats? They are disgusting, and yet every night when my cat comes in from her mouse prowling, she begs and begs for a little handful. Yes...I'm an idiot...I've even gone so far as to taste them, just to make sure.

They don't just smell bad.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is this...Isn't it funny how somethng that smells clean and nice to us (for instance the wonderful smell of a fresh cold orange sliced right out of the refrigerator fruit/veggie bin) makes the cats (and often even the dogs) snort and walk away, and yet some horrid smelling, foul tasting concoction is something they get delirious for... :-)

Dog biscuits aren't too bad. A bit bland.

Big cat dung / urine I think.


electric fence.


7 years ago

Are they your dogs or somebody else's or just strays? It makes a difference as to how you can proceed. Do yo have an animal control person? Do you live in the country or in a suburban area? Controlling wandering dogs is often a community effort. If they are strays wandering loose then you need animal control. If they are a neighbor's you need to talk to them and let them know that their dogs are wandering and causing damage. If they are your own then you need to find a way to confine them.