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domed screened pool cover plans using poly water pipes for support? Answered

Installing an above ground pool, but need an inexpensive way to keep bugs and leaves out.  Also, since I am 70 also need something lightweight that I can build.   Has anyone built or have plans for a structure  using the white water pipes as rafters. 


I just saw some pool domes on Amazon, runs $1000 to $2000 depending on the size. These are more for extending the swim season by keeping your pool warm in cooler weather.

Pvc pipe will sag trying if you try to make a squared off structure. You will need to bow the pipes into a dome shape, which I'm thinking of doing for my own pool, and simply cover it with my pool net.

try skethup under dome you can use pvc and add the simple cover and done

go here Above-Ground Pool screen search in instructables and click on the results. the man bought a 48.00 yard tent from wal mart and covered it with screen, also covers it with plastic to keep out the bugs and dirt and helps to keep it warm. could look at and adapt to pvc pipe....here is the whole url https://www.instructables.com/id/Above-Ground-Pool-screen/


8 years ago

Is your goal to swim in the pool with the cover on, or will it only be in place while there are no swimmers?

My parents have a pool, it's not such a chore to quick scoop up leaves with a net before going for a swim.  But if your goal is a green house, that'll be harder.  I'd especially be concerned about the chance of it collapsing and pushing everyone's heads below the water...

Some years ago Popular Science (or Mechanics?) had an article on an inflatable pool cover/greenhouse.  Basically it was a big sheet of plastic (like 40 x 100 feet) held down at the edges with tubular sandbags.  A wooden door with a fan mounted beside it provided entrance and inflation.  A set of louvers on the other side of the door allowed excess air to escape.

With that kind of arrangement one might be able to swim from April to October.

I can see something like a greenhouse kind of thing in my mind for this. Use a tarpaulin, and buy a few dozen of these gripclips from shelter-systems.com/gripclips/ They are THE perfect way to hold thin materials like tarp fabric. 

The cheapest way to keep rubbish out is a swimming pool cover. Shouldn't cost you more than $30. Or you could get a solar cover on a reel. Slightly more expensive but would help heat your pool too.