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domo kun costume Answered

I got the urge today to be domo kun for halloween.. but I couldn't find any good Ideas... anyone wanna make a domo suit?


scrubs rock and btw i TRIED making domo for my bros costume...it looked like a cat tht was badly injured...

L...O...L do you have any pics, that sounds funny!

niiiiice im only dressing up 4 a party...maybe a bumble bee? idk my figure will fit into ANYTHING and i mean ANYTHING lmao and my computer wnt let me put pics on soooo U GO FIRST!!!

i had some of my bro attempting to wear it...but he wont let me put them on...lmao srry. so r u gonna b domo kun or somthin else?

I kinda gave up on this thread for a while cause it didn't have any hits for a while, so I am going as a guy with a knife in his head- knife handle hat saftey pin

I would suggest you use a bunch of brown bath or beach towels for your material. You can create a "backpackable" frame from pvc tubes or stiff coathanger wire that has been sewn to the shell made of fabric. The "mouth" should be made with some sort of red women's pantyhose material. This creates a see-through panel for the person inside but looks opaque from the front. You can use felt for the teeth and maybe some spray painted tennis balls for the eyes. You can make hand "mittens" stuffed with polyester fiberfill or padding. The feet should just be flaps of material attached to the pant legs that cover your normal shoes. Have fun!

wow... that is a good Idea.. I might have to try that.

Oh I don't know, it looks easy enough....


v < o>v< o> < o >v< o > Looks both ways.....I feel as though I am being followed LOL

I was just watching scrubs and there were pissing of hooch by following him

if you watch scrubs then why'd you say say what to hooch is crazy

yes... the only ones I have seen have been out of cardboard boxes and spary paint... maybe brown shag carpet... so, anyone else have ideas?

that would be pretty fuzzy.... I think shag carpet over a cardboard box with shag covering arms and legs would work.... that's a lot of carpet probably very hot

Shag isn't exactly fuzzy, just shaggy, I think you need to buy a Bazillion Teddy Bears OOh and give me the stuffing, I have plans

I printed out that exact picture... it's on my bulletin board... lol domo is awesome