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dont know which gun to get? (airsoft guns that is) Answered

so your beginning airsoft but you dont know which gun to get?
i had the same question and i got a crossman stinger p9 (in black) for 24 bucks at dicks sporting goods it came with 500 bbs and a holster. its easy to use accurate and the best part about it is the way it loads, you fill the 90bb reserve in back of mag, pull down the slider thing turn it over and gravity loads it in 10 sec so you can get back in the game before your buddies.
if you have a gun you think is better let us know
wikipedia has great info on arisoft in general

update 2/22/08
WHen you want a gun you can use in actual airsofting but dont want to spend $150+ get a $80 crossman pulse r72 i got one and its has great rate of fire and accuracy


Gamo bone collector .22 is better....

Get a m4! Or l96 co2 rifle!

Haha i got a forum just like this!

in the next month or so i plan to expand my arsenal, i want a cheepish AEG (automatic electronic gun) if i decide to go cheep i plan to get a crosman pulse pistol and i decide to go all out then i plan to get a Crosman Pulse R72 is ether one of these a piece of crap or is their a much better gun for the same price. im looking at semi/full auto electric not gas

i have the R72 but it is a newer model. i got it for 100 bucks. all my friends are scared of it, even against their $150-200 guns:)

my little brother got an electric blowback pistol once... it jammed in five mins, he tried to fix it by taking it apart, and it broke and he voided the warranty by taking it apart. personally, i would get a co2 blowback, they are more realistic, but i know only a little about them ... still i hear co2 is more durable..

Green gas guns are sweet my friend has a UHC tomb raider non blow back. And it looks crazy realistic (no red tip for some reason). Blow back guns waist gas it has to use gas to push the slide back so it cost a little more money to use and a little more up front. you also lose FPs- i would get a non blowback. + theres less moving parts so more reliable.

Where can you get green gas? I kinda want a blowback gun for fun but I live where there's no special stores. I could just get CO2.

Just get a propane adapter from Airsoft Inovations. Green Gas is propane people! Get that through your noggin! It's a proven point that Green Gas is propane with a different sent added. Propane has it's bad smell so you can smell any leaks. Green Gas basically has a perfume in it. Also Propane is just cheaper and safer! The Green Gas containers aren't even rated for transportation! Don't let the thieves get away with selling you something so cheap!

There is a gun on walmart.com that is more powerful than the pulse pistol and I would aprove of it, but it is powered by Co2 gas. The pulse pistol is only 175fps and the gun on walmart.com is 400fps.(sorry I did not put a link but I could not get the link to work)

I think that's the gun that I have. Incredibly accurate to 80 feet ( then the bb drops ) and the CO2 lasts for about 15 clips. the only probelm I've had, is occassionally the clips need a little "convincing" to get out of the non-feeding position ( after about 5 months, the clips stopped feeding. My friends just put a lot of force on the tab on the bottom and now it works with no problems )

thanks one thing i like about the pulse is that its accuracy is 25/25 at 20 feet of hitting a quarter (thats really good most cheep guns are 12/25 or 15/25)

20ft? thats not to far. my freind has an Echo 1 m4 that I can hit a smarty with at that distance(ok, only 6/10 times, but it is about 1/3inch)

for a 20$ pistole thats pretty good. im now thinking about getting a Utg bolt action sniper with scope and stuff those r accurate

I love the Utg sniper! its amazing! Dont get a scope though get a red dot or reflex sight. If you can find an airsoft gun that could acctually use a scope i would be VERY impressed.

I ment had enough range to acctually be any use with a scope. it has to go at least far enough that you can't celarly see your target without zoom. Thats about 300ft

Well I have a crossman Stinger R34 and it goes probably 100+ ft. I figure there are quite a few guns that can go that far if you have the money.

I wouldn't get the Pulse. Electric pistols have a bad reputation for being weak and pathetic when it comes to range and blowback.

how much is cheapish? <$100 Xm8 or Aug can be bought at airsplat.com or shortyusa.com >$100 any thing with a metal gearbox(think about price/specs)

I also have this gun and it is horrible. It shots all over the place and from ten feet away it can barely hit a tin can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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And when you go to the gun buying site what is the handgun that comes with the $99.95 M4 Field Duty Kit, 0.24 Cal?

And also If you get 2 guns that cost under $20 is that a good price or would they be bad quality?


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Heres some info on crossman stinger p9:

And heres a site where you can buy guns:

I might buy the AGM L96 AWP or maybe the AGM VSR 10 off of airsplat. Does anybody know anything about those guns? I currently have a Stinger R34. It's a pretty good gun for a spring M4. It shoots about 350.

i have the vsr10 and it is a great sniper i put a leapers 4x32 scope on it and ive had my fair share of headshots :)


i have the same sniper but in black. I put a hunting scope on it (I don't know the zoom and objective lens tho. i think its 1.5-5x32 or something.) Everyone's like "Wow your gun sucks." and I take aim and Boom! Headshot!

i have a utg m324 master sniper and tho i don't go airsofting it serves me well. Accurate, must say. (hit a clothespin off a line at 30 ft) and powerful - cracked one of those thick plastic cups at your average buffet restaraunt, at 15 feet


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good luck with that, id say find your local skirmish site, most have a forum, and a for sale section (also try arnies airsoft) but you will need to have a ukara (google ukara to find more)

My best gun is my Marui M14, it was about £250 and can hit people at over 70 meters.

I got a S.P.A.S. 12 combat Shotgun with folding Stock from ebay (it was brand new) for $24.00 . Its fairly accurate and packs a punch. It was a great starter weapon

i am borrowing my freinds taurus milenium and it real cool not high fps but very good quality plastic


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by the way i fixed it


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i myself likes the stinger p9,esey to use good on rabbits so on but what wierd is the gun exploaded on me... i guess i was shooting too fast i dont know what do you think


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If you want a good airsoft gun, Some brands I would personally reccomend would be Classic Army, Tokyo Marui, UTG, HFC, Western Arms, WE-TECH, and sometimes a Matrix brand gun can be pretty good. Classic Army and Tokyo Marui are definitely the two best brands for any type of airsoft gun. UTG I would say is the runner up, and if you want a good gas gun for a good price, HFC is almost always a good choice. Some good airsoft websites would be www.evike.com www.shortyusa.com www.airsoftatlanta.com www.trinityairsoft.com and www.cobraairsoft.com

A lot of my friends say they have experienced HFC to not be a very reliable brand. You should go for Echo 1 if you want a reasonably priced starter gun. They have guns ranging from $110-$200. Also, their vector arms series is incredible. 380-420 Fps with point .2's, accuracy out to 180 feet. The MP5 has the same weight and rate of fire as a real MP5. Also fully upgradeable and cheaper than other brands with lower statistics. The reason for this is that ICS, along with other brands, are know for high quality, so you pay for the name, not the quality ( although they are still quite impressive )

I just realized after I posted that your comment was from over a year ago. Sorry about that

Western Arms is wayyy too expensive for a newbie- E1 or JG is better. Somtimes TM is cheap. I would not rate UTG that high- you seem to have left out ICS, VFC, etc.

crossman is a really bad cheapo brand i got a pulse m 70 at walmart its a aeg and i shotit then the barrle fell out the tip fell off and the gears slipped off track you get the idea crossman sux (there ok for a while) im thirteen played 4 like 2 yrs luv mi guns if u want a good aeg go to pyramid air and look 4 a tokyo mauri clone

I have a crossman C11 airmag, lasted for almost 9 months. shoots over 400 FPS, goes to 80 feet. ONly cost me $40 dollars. It's a CO2 operated, semi-automatic pistol.

meh they make some ok gas guns

my crossman i still working after 3 months no problems at all. I blame china not Crossman


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Also, I can go to 7-8 hours without changing CO2. and You can 25 12-gram cratridges for $5. Overall a very good investment. I do play guerilla warfare type games, so I don't play much. for anybody who does a lot of shooting, one 12-gram cratridge of CO2 lasts about 15 clips (225 shots)