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double multicopter flight controller? Answered

I wanted to know if there are any flight controllers that have separate sensors. I want to use 2 either quad, hex or octo flight controllers with one setup as + and one setup as X to make an octocopter, duodecacopter or hexadecacopter ( 8, 12 and 16 blades respectively ).
I want to have a a 6 or 9 DOF IMU connected to 2 separate controllers for larger multicopters. Either that or would anyone know how one might go about designing an arduino controller using either a pwm shield or a TLC5940.
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Best Answer 4 years ago

The APM1 (Ardupilot Mega- no longer made but available used) had a separate shield/sensor board. If you are looking to only fly, a KK or KK2 will work and are relatively inexpensive. If you want to program a mission, APM2.5+ and 2.6 are now available and can operate with several airframes.

If the link does not work, try this  http://store.3drobotics.com/t/parts/autopilots

Consider www.diydrones.com for more information.


Thanks for the reply. This looks good but do you know if anyone has done it using a normal arduino as i am trying to keep costs down as much a possible and I would preferably like to make a custom arduino shield.

You are welcome.

Short answer, no normal Arduino. APM1 had an Arduino basis. The challenge is to interpret the output from an RC Receiver. APM1 and above have a separate chip to decipher the RC RX output and put into a form that the ATMega/Arduino chip can process. The PPM encoder does this. HERE is the link to APM1. The shield seems to be no longer offered by 3DR. I have a schematic of APM1 in pdf format but don't see a way to attach it. I may be able to add it to my library here.

Most of the new development work is moving away from this hardware. The PX4 autopilot is the next level for 3D Robotics. Ardupilot software has already been ported to that platform.



You will find a wealth of information at this link.

The link doesn't work but thanks for the answer. Are you spying on me or something because you answered both my questions the day I asked them Haha. In your opinion, do you think this will work.

The link works for me.  Try this

No I aren't spying :-) i just check the latest questions most days.