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doubt in rc plane connections , please tell me how to join a servo to reciever Answered



The receiver will have a set of pins - banks of 3 pins as in the picture below.
On most receivers the plug can go in either way BUT you must make sure the dark lead (ground) Brown or black - is the right way round.

The handbook for the radio set should tell you which way that is. If not do a search on line for you particular setup.


4 years ago

rickharris thank you very very very much , could you please send me a circuit diagram of a rc plane

I can't send the detailed diagrams for every part but the parts go together like this:

You can learn almost all you need at www.flitetest.com

RC connections.jpg

thank you very much again ,iam using a 1500 kv / rpm motor which prop and esc should i buy and what must be the weight of plane

Look at the web site I linked to before: www.flitetest.com Not only will you find the answers but you can down load plans to build aircraft.

The ESC depends on the current your motor draws - approx 25 to 30% over the motor current but more won't hurt.

As for a prop if you start with 8 x 4 you won't be far away. You need to ballance the thrust you need against the current your drawing from the batery - a bigger prop will draw more current but provide more thrust - a smaller prop less current but less thrust. Again they have a video explaining this.

Your going to be looking at not much more than 250 to 400 gms without the battery with a 150Kv motor depends on what sort of aircraft and what you expect it to do.

Again they have a video explaining where to start.

i made a fpv goggles after seeing it in flitetest.com . but dont know how to connent it to the vedio tx and rx . i also bought a vedio recorder for this purpose .
could you please help me sir . and thanks for the suggestion , i got a lot of information in flitetest.com

No idea because I am not there - RC forums or even the flite test forum is yor best bet

Oh ! my tx and rx is not working . so i threw it away , i coudnt repair it . i wont mind to buy another one , would you please recommend me which one to buy .

No ideas for where you are - Google is your best bet or the RC forums

thank you very much sir , iam using a 1500 rpm/kv turnigy motor which esc and prop should i choose , also what must be the weight of my plane .


4 years ago

thank you very ,very ,very much rickharris . please could you send me the circuit diagram of an rc plane