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drain in kitchen not draining? Answered

had a guy snake kitchen drain and still did not drain until he took off the mechanical air vent, so he said to replace the vent, after replacing the vent there was no change, the drain is very slow with the vent on, if the vent is off it drains fast, I have tried 2 vents they are the black cheaper vents. any help would be appreciated.


the sink is a double


I just thought of something. Try this: funnel a bunch of baking soda down the drain. Try to get it as deep as you can. Next, pour a lot of vinegar down the drain and quickly start plunging. The pressure, movement, end chemical action should work. If the sink has two or more drains, you'll probably have to do them all at the same time. Try this out and tell me if it works.

drain guy came out and cleared the drain monday a friend told me about the baking soda on tuesday.
Thanks for the help I will remember this in the future

What vent? The plumbing vent that goes all the way up to the roof? If so there may be a clog in the vent further up. A bird may have nested in the vent.

no it is small mechanical air vent under the sink about 6 inches above pipes there is no pipe going up to the roof

it would not drain at all today until I used a plunger now it drains slowly

it would not drain at all. when I opened the vent water would come out of the top but would not drain

Here 's a simple trick that works for me with clogged drains:

1. Block off any vents or drains (If you have a double sink).

2. Fill a plastic gallon milk jug with hot tap water (not hot enough to scald you).
This will make the plastic jug more pliable.

3. Quickly turn the plastic jug upside down and place the mouth of the
jug into the drain.

4. Push down hard and fast and steadily on the bottom of the jug.
This will cause the jug to collapse and shoot a high volume jet
of water down the drain to clear it. It's worked many times for me.

Note : The above procedure will work best if the drain pipe itself is
full of water , so the jet / pressure from the jug has something
(drain water) to push against and transfer force to the clogged area

Also try snaking the vent pipe . There may be partial vent pipe blockage.

1. Do not pour fat down the sink

2. Your pipes are clogged up - You need a fairly rigorous cleaning system that will clean the whole pipe out - this may well include chemical drain cleaners. - Personally I leave them over night to do their work.

I once had the same problem and I can almost guarantee you that the pipes are just clogged. You should try one of those plastic strip things that have a bunch of teeth on them you will be amazed.

Is it possible to add photos of the various parts?

Plumbing varies a surprising amount around the world, and it's not always obvious what folk mean.

if I loosen the vent it will drain fast but water will come out of the top of the pipe

Remove the sink pipes and give them a very good clean. Also, try the syphon, as it may be clogged.