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dremel 395 type 5 variable speed, change obsolete red switch for newer blue switch ?? Answered

my dremel multipro 395 might have a bad obsolete on-off switch, its red with 5 speeds, can i use the newer blue switch   witch is dremel part # 2610912780 ?  thanks.


I don't if you got a chance to read the answer I wrote regarding your previous Dremel "switch" question, here,


but I stand by my previous hypothesis, which is to say, the red switch, the blue switch, a triac based lamp dimmer, these are all essentially the same thing, and any of these will work for chopping up AC waveform for to limit power to your Dremel motor, thus reducing its speed.

Although the red switch and blue switch might not be exactly the same physical shape, so there might be problems getting the new switch to fit in the old compartment.

If only had some kind of tool capable of cutting, or grinding away, plastic, to facilitate this...


Without knowing any details on the drill and switches it is a guessing game.
And as Iceng said we would also need to know how good you are.
People can explain to you how to build a particle accelerator but it does not mean you are capable of building one ;)


3 years ago

What is your skill set ?