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drilled hole in rain drain pipe Answered

i accidentally drilled 3 hole in a 100mm pvc rain water drain pipe which comes from my roof. any ideas on how to fix this without breaking and chopping the wall?the pipe is behind a brick wall. please any help would be appreciated. thank you


Just happen to me this evening, for now I try to plug it with mixed epoxy hardener type glue. It work so far will check again tomorrow. Btw my bathroom wall is a brickwall not a gypsum board. So chopping of the wall to get to the pipe will be my very last option

What about putting an anchor for dry wall in the hole. Cut off the tip so you don't go to far into the pipe. Put glue on the outside before you put it in. The anchor has a lip so it should make a good seal. Then fill the hole for the screw with glue. The Anchor will plug most of the hole and give you a place to put a good amount of glue in. I'm assuming there is no pressure so it should hold and work better then filling it with just glue. This way you don't need to make the hole any bigger.

Duct tape, or a squirt of hot-glue.

A blob of Sugru.

More complex:
Obtain a piece of PVC pipe the same colour as the existing pipe.
Cut a length that will cover the holes, plus a bit extra, and cut it on once from end to end.
Clean the existing pipe thoroughly, and apply a coat of the adhesive of your choice.
Open the piece of pipe, and slip it around the pipe (I say "slip", but it will need some brute strength).
Add a couple of zip ties to hold it until the glue sets or cures, clip them off and you are done.

thank you so much kiteman.i want to do this without breaking the wall. the glue might work but wont it block the drain pipe, will it close the hole in the pipe? will silicone work.? coz i dont want to have problems with damp walls.

If it's just rain going through the pipe, blockages shouldn't be a problem. Does the roof above have a lot of moss or other debris that could come down the pipe?

If you're concerned, the glue can be built up on the outside of the pipe.

Or you could compromise, and glue a small section of pipe on like a patch.