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driver for usb to serial converter ? Answered

hello ,
I want burn some hex code into the memory of microcontroller
so recently I bought usb rs232 serial cable with driver cd. after installing driver I can't find com port in device manger 

I see only two option
window 7
ZTE Diaagnostics Interface (com 4)
ZTE NMEA Device (COM 5)

when cd (overfly ) load it come with following files
direct and net link driver
guiter cable driver
USB RS232 PL driver
USb -RS232

I have installed USB RS232 PL driver and USb -RS232  . but I can't find com port in device manger for serial cable ?



If your converter has a PL2303 then I highly recommend you to get an FTDI chip ( FT232RL ). After that all you'll need to do is download the FTDI VCP drivers ( virtual com port ). I'm saying this because many people have reported the same problem with PL2303 converters. And it is quite easy to make your own FTDI board ( for cheap ) using toner transfer method.


3 years ago

I am trying to burn hex code I am showing message '' reset device in ISP mode ''

What program are you going to use to burn the micro? You will select the com port in that program. All you have to do is plug the cable into the USB and connect it to the micro.