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dryer, pulley Answered

Install the replacement of a pulley and belt on a Whirlpool dryer lec9000pw0. The pulley was lying on the floor of the dryer when I opened it up and I do not know the exact position it should be in and how it is secured to the dryer. Step by step instructions with pictures would help.


Without any further informatgion, I'll take a stab and say that it's an idler, or more clearly, a belt tensioner pulley. You will find some sort of spring as well. The pulley, along with its armature, attaches to a slot in the floor of the dryer in most cases where I've run into it, and the spring attaches nearby to some little protruding hook. (unless it simply uses the spring tension in the armature for that purpose.)  I'd suggest that you visit the Whirlpool site for a detailed illustration showing how to replace the belt on your model, as it should show the puller and its connecting points.

The pulley was left on the floor for you as an offering, a gift, from the machine world to you. 

Your clothes dryer, and maybe other appliances in your home,  will very likely be offended if you refuse this gift, by attempting to put the pulley back in the exact place where the factory installed it.

You must be right, I had a car once that offered it's transmission up as an offering.  I replaced it and from then on it was nothing but trouble after that with that car.