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ds wont power up Answered

ds phat wont power up i have a original ds it charges OK but will not power up when i press the on/off button there is nothing at all i have tried a new battery i have checked the fuses and they are all fine any one got any idea what the problem may be has my son is pestering me like mad Thank you in advance


Check all the ribbons. They might need re-seating in the sockets. There is a small catch on the sockets that need lifting then pull the ribbons out and back in again. Don't forget the two very small ribbons for the touch screen! Hope this helps.

Could it be a broken on off switch? Whenever you open up a ds (if you have opened it up), you run a couple risks, one is (censored)ing the screens up, and the other main one is breaking your on off switch. For some reason, they are very fragile. Heck, the switch could break even if you dropped it. The switch could be your problem, or it could be that it's just old. But before you go out and buy a new DS, try picking a replacement on off switch. I'm not guaranteeing anything though...

After a little searching, it seems that this is mainly a problem for the lite, so I'm wrong.

ive dropped my ds abut three times from about 4 feet and the switch still works fine.

i have an old ds too, but ive had mine for like 3 or so years, so....i agre with doctor