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dust cleaning inside computer things. Answered

we live in a dusty area. Not afraid anymore to open this upc (think its called) and gathering a nice little heap of dust from the lamina-thing between fan and bigchip every month or so, while at it, could i do more to keep this machine healthy? 



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I recommend that you buy a non static air duster can for electronics and blow any dirt inside your computer. If you cover the holes on your computer like some of my friends suggested watch for any overheating. I personally do not agree on covering the ventilation holes in your computer in any way since the computer case has been designed to create a draft inside your pc to help cooling all the components. Besides blowing air inside the computer (please wear an antistatic wrist strap any time you open the computer), you could clean the outside of the computer with an all purpose cleaner but spray on your rag and not directly on your computer or any of your peripherals.

thank you, wrivera6, i think putting filters in is not a good idea, at not in summer, it is hot here then. I will look for this air-spray. Any suggestions of making myself a antistatic wriststrap (wire to a coin straped on arm, connected with watertap or such?) Any way, muchas gracias, tkk

Does your BIOS have something like "smart-fan control"?
Cover all your case-inlets with thin-cloth.


> Cover all your case-inlets with thin-cloth.
.  I found some filter pads at WalMart that was designed to fit in HVAC vents. About an 1/8" thick and maybe 3"x8". It's cheap and very easy to cut to size.

Yea, that would be the stuff.
'person needs to look at air-flow, and I need to sleep....


Do what they said. You Should always remember to clean you pc on a regular basis even if you have a filter installed. Make sure you keep your cpu and gpu heat sinks really clean to prevent them from over heating. Also remember to error check your hard drive every couple months to keep that healthy as well.