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dust protection for computer and router? Answered

Im the designer for a plastic/wood furniture shop.

I'm having problems keeping dust from computers, even with equipment not in the workshop.  (office on the side)

what would be the best design to keep airflow for computers and hardware but minimize the dust.





3 years ago

What comes to my mind is that it depends on how sophisticated you want to get.

You can make a completely sealed enclosure and use water cooling components to move the heat around. A radiator on each end of a circulation pump would probably be enough. Another thing to do would be to use a vent system with something like dryer vent hoses that pulls in outside air. A box with positive air pressure would push any dust out instead of letting it in. But that will somewhat depend on the outside air conditions. If its really hot outside then your going to be pulling in hot air which ill make cooling that much more difficult. I would avoid using any kind of electro static system since computers are sensitive to static charges.

Personally I would go for the water cooling. In fact if your tap water is inexpensive enough you could set up a water cooled heat exchanger and run the tap water through it. A variation of one of my projects.


Or use a water chiller and recirculate the water. Or another idea, run some plastic tubing around the inside of a refrigerator to chill the water and pump it through the heat exchanger.

After re reading my post it dawned on me that the very simplest solution would be to put the PC in an old refrigerator. Set it to about 50 and run the wires through the door seal. You can get extension cables for everything including the monitor. As a side benefit it will also keep your lunch cold. No construction required and it would be portable.

Put the PC etc in a dust proof enclosure (a sealed box) vent the box to out side or clean air. If your using a membrain keyboard (most are) dust won't bother it.

Keep you computers under Positive Pressure

You computers will have several fans the will move air either in our out; they are rated in CFM (Cubic Feet a Minute)

It will be under Negative pressure If your computer has more air leaving through fans the entering. This is what many big companies (like Dell and IBM) will do because the negative pressure helps draw in cool air from any leak in the case, and help cooling.

It will be under positive pressure if the case has more air entering then leaving. This will force air, not to mention dust, out from the case. Then all you need is an Air filter over any fan delivering airflow into the case.

Check out the link, the same site has everything you need ! I would suggest you buy a few fans and air filters for a quick fix :)


Other then that A simple Air filter could help, Try looking for the "Ionic Filters" I like them better because they are washible !

PS: Rather then adding more fans, you can simply turn some around and add the filter then :)

At my old college we had our CNC router computer in an enclosure with a regular house hold filter and a fan to draw the air through the filter.
I think you are on the right track with your drawing, personally I would go with a larger filter and maybe a box fan in the enclosure. I
as long as you have a constant airflow I would expect the computer case fans will be effective at keeping things cool in the enclosure.