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eXistenZ Game Pod build. Answered

Ok, one of my idea for a current project is to recreate my own model/version of the game pod out of the David Cronenberg film eXistenZ.

If your unfamilar, see the pics and video - Essentially the 'game pod' is a biological virtual reality games console. And i must say i am a fan of the film.

Now, i need some help, both with ideas, and with build methods.

- I require an idea as the the use of the device - eg, an external hdd enclosure, a wallet, what ever.
- I Have a base that im going to use, in the form of a beach stone. So the size is 125mm x 125mm

- Although i have a base 'stone' i need to sculpt a little extra, to make the nodule like bits. and genrally curve the shape a bit, what can i use? would bondo do? and whats the UK equilivent?
- I want to have a silicon like finish, like the film, i was planning liquid latex, is that a good idea? what else is there thats better?

I would appreciate any help anyone can give.




Yeah you'll need more experience than that i'm afraid.

ok, well, the way i see it, im not stupid, and i can learn most things. How about a simple circuit, with an on off switch, that basically gyrates and makes a noise?

Yeah, you'll likely be better off using a motor with a cam and cam follower to gyrate and a cheap sound recording module to play back the sound.

ok, i think that will be my plan, thanks for the help!

Come on peoples! i wanna make this this weekend!

Take a trip to maplin and you can get some cool plastic that you can melt using hot water and form with your hand, I forgot the name of it. It's pretty expensive though. If I were doing it, I'd just make it interactive art with a few servo's moving an outside rubber/silicon skin, and sensors feeding back what you are doing to a uC. YMMV.

hey, wow, a very usefull answer, so could i make it using a series of servos, so that depending on which 'nipple' you flick it would do a different movment and play a sound?

Yeah but it's quite a technical challenge.

ah, not a good idea for someone whos never used a servo before? the best ive done is to solder an led into a circuit.