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effective removal of home page pirate stuff..help Answered

My poor pc is in trouble. I use XP. When i use internet explorer instead of my MSN and YAHOO page coming up i get this rubbish search engine called "searchme1000" coming up or one of those pesky ad things called "CELLDERADO::::" I am a bit of a low-tech guy but this has gone beyond a joke. I tried a website blocker but it does not work well. The offending software keeps trying. I hove Norton but it blithely lets the buggers in. the mouse is so angry he could...SQUEAK!!!


Hi, great replies per the issue from maninamouse... My question is similar; I can't find the quick answer for getting "stuff" off my home page that I added. My hpage is now outta control and some of the stuff I added has problems. I want to remove some stuff I added and can not find that feature. Anyone?

First off, go togrisoft and download avg anti virus and spyware checker for free, then go to spybot and download spybot for free. now uninstall Norton (bloated resource hog) and install avg antivirus, avg spyware checker and spybot. Run each of them in turn (very easy step by step process) will take about an hour total, follow the recommended actions. Computer will run much faster and cleaner

PS I used to charge my coworkers $50 just to do this ;-)

>> I used to charge my coworkers $50 just to do this...
What's that work out to? A bit less than minimum wage? :-) ( guess you don't have to actually be there for a lot of the process...)

Worked out to about $300 an hour, I just installed the software, in my office at lunch, and let it run. Ten minutes tops actual work..

looking at the Grisoft link you offered... they do still offer a free home edition. I recommend you take a look at Avast! . it offers much more protection and keeps restore points... it automatically updates file definitions as well.

you should check it out... the home edition is totally free... you just have to fill out a form and they provide a free serial for home edition registration. I used to be die hard AVG... but after the switch I don't think I'll go back to AVG unless they offer something awesome.

Ironically, I just had to switch to Avast because TF2 and AVG are not playing well together right now... So soon I will be able to say which I prefer.

I must use Avast! also, as my Checkpoint firewall doesn't like AVG.

thank you so much..Ireally appreciate the help. Because you both are so good ill get santa to send you some cheese next christmas

If you want to solve this problem without question... a gurenteed fix, You should really format. in my experience when low-tech people have virus problems that they notice... well its just that... the first one they noticed. you safest bet is to reformat and start fresh.

once you reformat go to Firefox and get firefox... it works very similar to Explorer... but its a little more hacker safe. then go to Avast! and download the free home edition. Then go to Lavasoft and download ad-aware 2007.

you need to run ad-aware every once in a while... but Avast replaces norton... and works way better.

Tool using animals suggestion of AVG is good... I used to use it....but as far as I know...they no longer offer free home edition... do they? and I have no experience with spybot... but I'm gonna take a look to see... I assume its similar to ad-aware.... but if thats the case I trust lavasoft over others.

if you go the way of just adding anti virus software without a reformat you will probably run into more virus troubles soon... if it even fixes the existing issues. People say its alot of work... but take the hour and a half to reformat now and it will save you the headaches and time battling these issues along the way to a crash.