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egg-puns Answered

put in you funny egg-puns like egg-saturating and egg-cited and stuff like that.


Do You Guys Wanna Hear a Funny Yolk?

You could have put all of your yolks in one basket. I don't think they would have been too scrambled in one comment.

I didn't lie I did have a dozen egg puns

I hope you liked my eggtravaganza of egg puns!

My jokes are eggcellent don't you think?

I have an eggsesive amount of egg jokes

My jokes are on the sunny side up

Some traffic lights be like you shell not pass

That last pun was pretty bad but omelet that one slide

Its getting hard boiled to think of more egg puns

I'm scrambling for more puns

For me egg puns are over easy to do

I'v got a dozen of 'em

I have really good egg puns I'm not yoking

Egg puns really crack me up


2 years ago

Well that was cracking

I don't understand...

What egg-zactly do you mean?

Just when this topic was about to topple over, you are trying to put a new spin on it?

I don't understand what you meant... (Now seriously!)

But I will always say egg-zactly

You don't count your chickens before they hatch. Something like that...

Captain_pickle, that's eggs-actly what i'm trying to say. These people are getting scrambled, i tell ya! Everyone's frying their brains from all these puns! Not that i don't like this topic, it's egg-celent.

We don't relish when someone makes an old topic rise up to the top like an egg souffle. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Don't try to butter me up. I'm sticking around.

I was standing next to Humpty Dumpty, but I did not push him. Honest.

You are such a comedian. I bet you like your eggs funny side up.

I guess I do ham it up once in a while.

Egg-cellent job overloading my brain with egg puns everyone.


Why do the French only have one egg for breakfast?

because to them, One egg is un euof!

That was an eggspertly said, and I eggree.


3 years ago

Omlettin' this slide. Because these are eggsemplory puns.

Wow, a fresh comment that hasn't been boiled over.

I find puns eggciting. They crack me up!

It's six of one and a half dozen of the other.


3 years ago

i've eggcepteded that this is my fate, but I'm still frytened.

this is silly now children


this whole conversation has gotten me scrambled

wow this is quite eggsellent

I came here just to eggstrapolate......and that's eggacty what I did:)

Ash sent out Exeggutor!

I think this topic might be eggstremely insensitive for people alergic to eggs?

I hope these jokes get eggs-ponentially better as we go...

Looks like I need to egg people on.

I can't eggsplain why nobody's posting in this topic...I guess all the punners have scrambled, or maybe their brains were fried by the overload of egg puns.

Egg-cellent question... perhaps the topic is simply over-easy.