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el wire toggle switch? Answered

i am going to ordering some el wire that comes with an adapter and i want to just use the power source but a toggle switch instead for a on/off switch. i want to use a radio shack toggle switch 


how would i do this? should i use a different power source and the switch? any help would be great



What about 2 sage switch for different brightness? Say I want to put this around the back window of my truck and have it lower light when I have the driving lights on, but make it full brightness when I hit the brakes?

. I'm not sure I understand the question but if you want to use that switch to turn the 12V car power on/off to the EL power supply, it should work. You need to double check that the switch will handle the current draw of the PS.

I dont want to use it in my car I just want to use that particular switch instaed of the switch that is part of the power source that comes with the el wire

. As long as you are switching 12VDC (or less), you will be OK as long as you stay withing the current limit of the switch. Do not use that switch with mains voltage.

+1. A switch is a switch. If it's rated for the required current and voltage (or more), it should work.