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electric scooter to gas mini bike conversion? Answered

i have a e300 razor electric scooter that i tore apart and have put a 6.5hp honda clone engine on it i built up the frame to look like a mini bike and so i could have a seat i am in the process of setting up the drive and i want your comments about what i should do so thats it


I understand that it has been finished but I would like to put in two-cents worth. Most states have laws on small engine motor vehicles. The most common laws I have found have been under 50cc, wear a helmet... for putting a motor on a bike it needs to have atleast 20" rims, and functioning pedals...along with only a single gear for the motor as in most states they cannot move motor driven more than 30mph of level grade.

yeah its illegal but i can avoid the law, sometimes i got pulled over once but they let me go

You could do it, depends on skills and budget.

Welding will be almost essential - HOWEVER the end result is almost certainly going to be illegal to use on the road. You take your chances.

As to how - well you have the scooter and engine so take some photographs and measure it and start drawing.

Looking up some pictures of recumbent bikes and velomobiles may help with ideas.

i finished it, no welds yet the frame is as solid as if it where made of one piece. anyways it has killer torque the scooter doesn't have enough trail so the handling is kind of rough but when i was testing my hand slipped a little on the throttle and i did a wheelie by accident, it was awesome yet very scary it accelerates so fast that the front tire begins to hover a little.

:-) as - Do I detect an instructable in motion?? - Please!


6 years ago

There are those who want to convert an IC motor scooter to electric.
Don't say it. I know the journey is the point, but still I hope you meet.