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electroluminescent panels: can i run one from one or more CR2032 batteries? Answered

i need to add some lighting to a project with very limited space. i dont think i can fit a large enough led in there so i want to cut a small disc out of an el panel slightly larger than a CR2032 battery, bend some contacts around from the edge of the panel onto its back and attach one battery to make as thin and light as possible. i also need a panel about 15 inches by 5 inches, again would it be possible to run it off one or more of these batteries for a couple of hours?


It depends on the current draw on a battery of 3 volts and 225 mah and running at 225 ma it will run for about 30 minutes since the circuit will probably stop working before the battery is fully discharged.

EL panels, strips, and wires are different than your LEDs. They need to be powered by an AC inverter. Adafruit has a small pocket inverter that takes a few batteries. I think the current draw is more than what a coin cell can provide. The idea of EL throwies is probably out the window.

yeah i saw that before i posted here, but its too big to fit in the space i have for the little disc.
it wouldn't be a problem to fit for the larger panel but i don't think one cell would provide enough power, so do you know anywhere that does an inverter for more than one coin cell side by side (i can't stack them, no space) or can you put multiple coin cell inverters on the same panel to provide more power?


You can hook up batteries in parallel to get a longer run time or just solder longer wires to hide the battery pack in a different location if possible.

yup that's the one i saw, unfortunately iv got a maximum of 4cm x 4cm x 0.8cm to fit the light and battery into. the only thing i can think of is buying the inverter and removing the innards from the 'bulky' case to carefully pack into the much smaller space...