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electronic ballast flyback driver...can i wind the wires around the primary of the flyback? Answered

I have a electronic ballast and a flyback . I am having problems finding the primary coil pins of FBT because i dont have a multimeter. so i
was just thinking that can i wind two ballast Vout wire around the flyback primary (the metallic structure , or whatever you call it)

there are total 6 wires on the E-ballast. two are for input and 4 for output. the output wires are in sets of grey and white wires. 

I was thinking that i will take one grey wire and wind it around the fbt primary(metal thing) and then connect it back to white wire. is this correct?

also can i wound a feedback coil from the other 2 wires?

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4 years ago

Then you should invest in a multimeter. Save up money and get a decent one, not a $5 el-cheapo. Tose will likely not be accurate. Fluke make great multimeters, but they are price in the several hundred $$$. Amprobe, Extech, UEI, and UNI-T* are all name brands that make good meters, which start at around $30. My first multimeter was the Amprobe AM-220 ($39). It is a great little meter and has plenty of things you can measure, including capacitance, frequency, and duty cycle, along with all the usual stuff.

Go with The Mad Scientist and play safe.

I don't quite comprehend what you're asking about the ballast but to wind a primary onto your flyback transformer you can do it like this with some extra wire. You can also add a feedback coil with the same method on the same section of the transformer. (the part of the transformer you're winding the primary on is called the core BTW). And read up on safety first if you're going to be playing with HV.