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embedding walint slices in acrylic? Answered

I make pine needle baskets and use walnut slices for centers.  I've seen the nut slices embedded in clear acrylic, as well as shells, but haven't figured out how to do this.



Go to your local craft store and buy a can of Casting Resin. Full instructions for embedding objects will come with the resin.

Why, do I seem like a person who would know about acrylic resin? Usually, I go for "witty, charming and one heck of a swell guy". But I guess "knows something about resin" works too...

And modest. don't forget modest.

One thing the author should remember is that the stuff stinks to high heaven, so good ventilation is a must. (spoken from experience after receiving a styrene casting kit when I was nine or ten for Christmas, then making junk for another few years till the excitement wore thin...hmm or when girls started to crawl out from under the barbies anyway...)

For bonus, maybe you could explain how you'd use a reed relay to benefit the process ;-)

You use a two part liquid plastic that cures clear.  Here's a good video on it.

Google "liquid plastic" to find more.

You need to mix carefully and pour carefully or you will introduce bubbles that won't have time to escape before the plastic cures.